The last afternoon of the Summit

we chose Dot-mocracy topics

and divided into small groups

to talk about specific problems

and possible actions

we can take to make a difference.

Here are on-going actions begun

at the Know Nukes Y'all Summit:



Kathy Ferris was in a group

focusing on Political Action.

They suggested we all

write a letter to the President,

preferably hand written

and FAXed to the White House

(to avoid the powder security issues).

Kathy has written a very personal

letter, talking about her concerns

about her grandchildren's' exposure

to nuclear power plant radiation releases.

She suggests we each write our own letter.

Gretel reworked Kathy''s letter

to make it appropriate for MATRR,

with links to more information,

in hopes this will help folks

find supporting evidence

to call for change

in our nuclear energy policies.

Please take a few minutes

to write your own letter

or copy and send one of ours.

It can be any length

and say what you think.

FAXs preferred,

but an email link

is in the right column.

Note: If you write representing a non-profit, please be aware of whether or not you can legally make statements regarding political candidates and voting.



Another group began a campaign

to stop the building of Plant Vogtle.

They have written

a Declaration,

created a Week of Solidarity Actions

Across the Country

Against Dirty Death Energy

August 19 - 25,

and have created a website

with lots of ideas

for actions you can take now.

Please visit their site

and learn more about Plant Vogtle

and why we must stop it.


Please keep checking,

as more actions

from more groups

will be coming!

Summit Hosted by BEST/MATRR – Because It Matters

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